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Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

To help you push past your potential and do difficult things.

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Drop by drop, a river is made.

Change doesn’t happen all at once.

In order to build something sustainable and worthwhile, you have to move slowly.

It is our mission to help you become a raging river, drop by drop.

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Our Services

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Whether you are trying to lose weight, look and feel better, or get into optimal physical shape to maximize your body composition and crush your goals, Drop by Drop Fitness will help you! 


We all want to achieve something great. Breaking down a goal into smaller parts, training consistently, being held accountable, and getting personalized coaching along the way makes this doable. Drop by Drop Fitness can help you achieve any goal!


If you are tired of not getting results, not knowing how to lose weight and get in shape; if the prospect of changing your diet and working out at the same time seems overwhelming, Drop by Drop Fitness has got you covered!

Online programs

Are you looking for pre-written programs that you can follow on your own? Find them here!

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what clients are saying

"Jaala was my CrossFit coach from 2011-2013. She was able to quickly assess strengths and weaknesses and develop programs that focused on my goals and strengthening my lagging areas. Despite being on different continents, Jaala always provided timely responses to any questions I may have had. Her passion for her own personal fitness bleeds over to her athletes, and combined with outstanding intellect and worldwide experiences, make her an excellent choice as a coach/trainer!"


— Aaron (Worldwide)

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Hi, I’m Jaala

Founder and Head Coach

Coaching various sports all over the world for the past two decades has taught me that humans can do anything.

I strive to help people push past their potential and do difficult things by optimizing diet and exercise.

Want to work with me?

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