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jaala shaw rock climbing

Are you ready to change your life and achieve your goals? 

Your Dreams Are Within Reach!

Whether you’d like to eat better to lose weight and feel awesome, get into optimal physical shape, do one pull-up, run a 5k, qualify for the Boston Marathon, complete an ultra-endurance race, or even summit Denali, it is possible!

Consistency, habit formation, accountability, and education are cornerstones of Drop by Drop Fitness. One-on-one nutrition and/or fitness coaching provides you with customized tools and training to do the work that is required to meet your goal. There are no secrets or short-cuts; there are no meal plans or diet prescriptions. You will become more aware, implement new habits, and push past your potential through everyday practice.

If you are willing to be the best you can be, then Drop by Drop Fitness will help you get to where you’d like to go. 

Where did the name Drop by Drop Fitness come from?

two lines that look like waves

The origins of our name can be found in an Afghan proverb.

Sitting in the English Department office at Kabul Education University on a cold winter day in 2011, I was frustrated. I was living in Afghanistan, on a teaching fellowship with the United States Department of State. My mission was to train teachers in the latest language teaching methods so that they could be more effective. Instead of doing that, I was drinking exorbitant amounts of coffee and tea, learning Dari, eating lots of food with lots of teachers, going to weddings, and deflecting marriage proposals. Sort of pouting, I asked my mentor when I’d start training teachers. 

This is when he told me a common Afghan proverb: “Qatra, qatra, darya mesha.”

Drop by drop, a river is made.

He was telling me to be patient. In order to build something sustainable and worthwhile, I had to move slowly. Change doesn’t happen all at once.

Based on the idea that masterpieces aren’t created in a day, Drop by Drop Fitness was baptized.

two lines that look like waves
jaala shaw studying in Afghanistan

It is our mission to help you become a raging river, drop by drop.

Who is Jaala and how is she qualified to help me?

jaala shaw swimming in college
jaala shaw swimming as a child
jaala shaw jumping rope

Jaala Shaw is the Founder and Head Coach at Drop by Drop Fitness, an online nutrition and fitness coaching business that strives to help people push past their potential and do difficult things by optimizing diet and exercise.

From the time she was old enough to ride her bike alone to swim practice, Jaala has been dedicated to being the best athlete, and student of fitness she could be. As a teen she qualified for US Swimming Junior Nationals and promptly realized that she had to eat food other than Dairy Queen fries in order to fuel her body. As a Division I collegiate swimmer and runner, she struggled with body image and remaining at an optimal weight for her sport(s). These experiences launched her into a lifelong pursuit of health.

Coaching various sports all over the world for the past two decades has taught her that humans can do anything. From being an undergraduate assistant swim coach at the University of New Mexico, coaching club swimming in California and at the Sichuan Institute of Sport in China, owning a CrossFit Affiliate, coaching endurance athletes and CrossFitters in Jordan, and currently working on CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff, she has seen people from every corner of the world achieve their goals.

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

  • CrossFit Headquarters (HQ) Seminar Staff, Head Trainer

  • Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT)/ CrossFit Level 3 Coach (CF-L3)

  • Other CrossFit Certificates:

    • Adaptive Training Certificate

    • Aerobic Capacity

    • Anatomy Certificate

    • Gymnastics Certificate

    • Mobility Certificate

  • MA in Education and Human Development

  • MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

  • BA in Secondary Education and Political Science

precision nutrition certified coach logo
jaala shaw and husband larry on mountain

She currently lives in Ashburn, Virginia with her husband Larry and dog Carmen. They like to play Scrabble, go for long runs, rock climb, and travel.


Together they write about life and take photos for their website and IG account @fliesonawall 

jaala shaw at the zion ultra

In addition to her coaching experiences, Jaala is an athlete always pushing performance limits.

drop by drop fitness logo icon

She is a 2x CrossFit Games Regional (Individual) Competitor

drop by drop fitness logo icon

Has qualified for the Boston Marathon

drop by drop fitness logo icon

Placed 5th overall (female) in the Bryce Canyon Ultra Marathon (50 miler)

drop by drop fitness logo icon

6th overall female in the Amman Half Marathon

drop by drop fitness logo icon

Holds the course record for females in the Santa Cruz Eco Extreme Half Marathon

drop by drop fitness logo icon

Completed the Endeavor Team Challenge ultra endurance event 3x

6x participant in GORUCK Selection

(a 48+ hour event modeled after the US Army’s Special Forces Assessment and Selection)

jaala shaw at GORUCK Selection 2

Meet My Future Coach!

jaala shaw surrounded by trees

Commit to the work and Drop by Drop Fitness will guide you!

We feel most human, most alive, and most satisfied when we achieve something that we once thought was impossible.


It is through practice, struggle, failure (yes, this will happen!), and re-calibration that success becomes possible.

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