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Seeking an Abnormal Life

Jaala crawling through freezing water at Ft. Bragg Army base in North Carolina during the GORUCK Double Heavy event (2021).


Do you wonder what motivates a person to choose adversity over comfort?

What is it like to constantly face challenges not with trepidation, but with enthusiasm?

In Episode 41 of the "Black Diamond Podcast," Jaala is interviewed by her long time friend and business coach Eric Malzone about why she has chosen to live an abnormal life and how that has made her stronger.

They discuss:

min 0-12 Jaala's childhood and swimming career

min 12-28 Teaching in the Middle East and working with refugees in Jordan

min 28-46 GORUCK, GORUCK Selection, Training, and Mindset

min 46-53 Drop by Drop Fitness and helping people do difficult things

Click on the link here to listen!

Jaala at GORUCK Selection class 018 in Bellbrook, Ohio (2017).


Jaala and Chris outside of the school tents at a Syrian refugee camp in Northern Jordan. (2017)


Jaala (far left) at Kabul Education University with her students and mentor teacher.

(Kabul, Afghanistan 2011)


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