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4 Week SB/Ruck S&C

About the Program

Have you been saying F*** it? While it is time to say RUCK IT! If you have fallen off the sandbag and ruck training wagon, or are looking for a program that'll get you in good shape to start more serious ruck training, this program is for you! This program is designed to help you build strength consistently, with controlled training volume to ease you back into training hard for your chosen event. Session duration: 30 - 60 minutes Session in a week: 4 Athlete level: intermediate to advanced Required strength/skills: Ability to move a sandbag through a series of movements, able to ruck with weight, able to jog and run Equipment needed: Sandbag (multiple weights if possible); rucksack with a weight plate (20/30) that you would use for an event. A box or bench for step-ups.

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