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4 Week PUSH-UP/ PULL-UP Combo

About the Program

Do you want to go from zero to hero with your push-up and pull-up strength? This program is for you! The heart of the matter is that most people are either not consistent enough to see improvement with their skills, or they overtrain. This program is designed to help you build strength consistently, while avoiding burning out on these particular skills. You can add this as auxiliary work to any existing training program. Session duration: 10-15 minutes Session in a week: 3 Athlete level: intermediate to advanced Required strength: Can do 10 push ups from toes or knees unbroken, can static hang from a pull-up bar for :15 secs, can do a straight arm plank for :30 secs Equipment needed: Plyo box 12''-20'' (or a bench or sturdy chair), gymnastics rings, pull-up bar, band(s) for assisted pull-ups

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